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Extracts From Books I & II

What's It Like To Be  Enlightened?


The Happiness Of Enlightenment


We all search for happiness, and enlightenment is the culmination of this search. You could say that the happiness of enlightenment is ultimate happiness. It is the greatest and most fundamental happiness there is. It is a happiness within which there is no need for more happiness. And it is a happiness that is intrinsic to all things.


In a way, ultimate happiness is so big that no self can contain it. It can’t fit into you any more than the whole ocean can fit into a single fish. Like a fish, you are too small at first. But with enlightenment, you let go of your small self and become inseparable from all of this—the whole “ocean” of life. As all of this, you are big enough for ultimate happiness, and you realize that it is your nature.


Ultimate happiness is not known outside of enlightenment. Outside of enlightenment, ultimate happiness will always lie beyond your reach. Whatever non-ultimate happiness you find, on some level you will always be left wanting more. Therefore, you will never be able to overcome your unhappiness, unless you find enlightenment.

(End Book I Quote)

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