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Until you find enlightenment, you experience a dissatisfaction and restlessness that nothing seems to take away.


Fortunately, the experience of enlightenment is always well within your reach. Finding it need not take lifetimes, decades, or even very many years.

Despite appearances, you are never actually apart from enlightenment. It's at once hidden and fully revealed in the very experience you are now having.


In this book, you will discover:


  • What it's like to experience enlightenment 

  • How to find enlightenment more easily and quickly

  • What the difference between partial and full enlightenment is

  • What freedom from self or “no-self” is

  • How to find ultimate happiness



In enlightenment, a beauty and perfection that never fade become visible in all of life. Yet, as extraordinary as enlightenment might seem, in time you adjust to it. Sooner or later, you even forget that there is any other way to be.

If you are seeking real spiritual transformation, this book is a must-have.

You will never see the spiritual path the same way again.

~Robert Miller, Meditation Teacher

This is definitely one of the best books on spiritual enlightenment I've ever read. 

~Julie Lynn, An Amazon Reader