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Extracts From Books I & II

What's It Like To Be  Enlightened?

Non-Dual Perfection


In the absence of the dualistic, self-other structure, everything in experience is found to be perfect exactly as it is. This perfection can never be apprehended by or through duality. When experience is dualistic, you always find some things good and some bad, some things beautiful and some ugly, some things desirable and some undesirable, etc. The intrinsic perfection of life is obscured by duality.


However, in the absence of duality, everything is instantly perfected. The whole field of experience discloses its natural perfection all at once. This includes you and all things, exactly as you are right now. It even includes everything you might ordinarily consider bad, ugly, or undesirable, both in yourself and in the world. There is nothing to be added or removed. Nor can this perfection be lost or accumulated. It is in all things and everywhere at all times.


(End Book II Quote)

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