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If you are searching for something, you’ll find it much more easily and quickly if you know exactly what you’re looking for. This pertains to enlightenment, as well.

Many of us search for enlightenment for years—or even decades—but we don’t really know what we’re looking for. If you seek enlightenment, you need to have a clear idea of what it is. Otherwise, your path to it will be needlessly difficult and long. Even worse, you might not find it at all.


In this book, I describe enlightenment for you—straightforwardly and without jargon—so you’ll know exactly what you’re searching for. My hope is that the “bullseye” of enlightenment will finally become visible to you, and you’ll aim directly at it with both clarity and precision.

In this book, you will discover:

  • What the true aim of your spiritual path is

  • What the experiences of union, oneness, and non-duality are

  • What the difference betweeen partial and full enlightenment is

  • What it's actually like to be enlightened

Even if you don’t recognize it yet, enlightenment includes all that you experience. There is not a single part of you, the world, or anything in the world that is excluded from it. It is fully available in this very moment you are experiencing right now.

Book II Excerpts

Introducing Full Oneness

In full enlightenment, oneness is experienced not in a part or on a level of existence but in all of it. It is experienced in all that you are and in the entirety of the world and everything in it. There is not a single part of you, the world, or anything in the world that is excluded from the oneness of full enlightenment. This is why the oneness of full enlightenment is “full” and not “partial.” It is not localized within a part or level of your experience, such as in an underlying spiritual dimension. Instead, it encompasses the fullness of experience.

The "Bullseye" Of Enlightenment

Perhaps what is most unforeseen, the “bullseye” of full enlightenment is, in fact, everywhere. In full enlightenment, wherever you look, you rest your eyes on enlightenment. In everything you touch, everything you hear, everything you think, and everything you feel, you meet enlightenment. This “bullseye” includes all that you experience. To state it simply, it encompasses the whole world.

Enlightenment In This World

In full enlightenment, the spiritual dimension is actually not something distinct from the physical world. It is not located in some other realm or dimension, regardless of where that dimension lies in relation to the world: beneath it, within it, above it, throughout it, or what have you. Instead, by its very nature, the physical world is discovered to already be a spiritual dimension. You don’t need to find some other dimension—or to add another dimension to the world—for it to be spiritual. You simply need to see the world itself, as it actually is; and to recognize the true nature of the things within it, as they really are.

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